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iMac Mockup: How to Create a Kickass Website

So you have an idea for a kickass website, how do you showcase it to an audience? Present your creativity through the professional iMac mockup.

In this modern digital age, it is just impossible for a business to prosper without a website. Even the biggest companies in the world, those we think don’t need any kind of marketing or advertising, also have the best websites in the world. So small business, too, need a website in order to be more competitive. In fact, it is probably the small businesses that are really in dire need of a website. If businessmen don’t intend to invest on a website or any other online presence, then they have no business starting a company in the first place.

So if you are in the business of creating and designing websites, now is the best time to maximize the opportunity. But before the actual creation of a website, you have to start with a concept. Creating an actual website is quite expensive, not to mention meticulous. So you actually need to snag a client before the actual creation of the website. The way to attract a client is to entice them with a great website design. The best way to showcase the web design to potential clients is through a mockup.

iMac mockup

iMac PSD digital store on UX Planet has a great lineup of mockup featuring the different Apple products, which you can use to show off or demonstrate web designs. This is essential because you want to be able to show your potential client how your website design will look like when it is being viewed on the available technology.

The photorealistic iMac is a great canvas to showcase your digital output. The Apple iMac, of course, is a powerful computer. It is the ideal computer to use for work. So the iMac is a popular resident in corporate offices or home offices. This is why the iMac mock up is a great digital output to use during professional presentations.

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Creating a kickass website

When designing a website, it is important that you understand your client’s brand and goals. Knowing what your client does and understanding the company’s principles will allow you to create a more emotive website that is relatable to its target market. Part of understanding the company’s holistic business approach is knowing its target audience. You can only craft a great website if you have a deep immersion of what the consumers actually need.

For example, if the company you are trying to make a website design for is an e-commerce business, then you must know that the design needs to have powerful images as well as a great user experience and user interface. The actual UX will be managed during the actual creation of the website. The look of the website, the UI of each landing page, will be crucial during your presentation.

You can use the workspace mockup to show off your UI plan. The UI is basically the psychology of things. It is the appropriate composition of landing pages so that people will be attracted to the page and will also have an easy time navigating it. Of course, the actual navigation will not be tested until later. The important thing during your presentation is that the client will understand the practicality of how you conceptualized the page. The transitions and how to transition should be easily spotted.

The workspace mockup is basically a picture of how a workspace will look like. More often, the iMac takes centerstage in this type of mockup template. The accessories included in the mockup will indicate the industry you are in. So back to the example of e-commerce—since you are designing an e-commerce website, you can use accessories that will enhance the “story” that your website is trying to tell.

Let’s be more specific. Say the website is for an online shoe store. It is a given that the web page will feature lots of shoes. But that is something that will be reflected on the iMac screen. But in order to put it in the proper context, your iMac Pro mockup could feature a bulletin board with some shoe designs on it. The table from which the iMac is situated could also contain items that relate to shoes and the online store.

The great thing about working with the iMac mockup is that there are so many free mockups on the internet and they are really easy to work with. First of all, you have to download the PSD file because it is the easiest to work with. It also helps that it is compatible with all technology. Once you have mockup PSD template, you then drag and drop your design to the screen of the iMac. From the perspective of your client, it is like they are looking over the shoulder of someone browsing the computer with the client’s website on it. Here is another tip: download the PSD file with Smart Objects. This means that you get to edit your work via smart layers. This is helpful so that images will not be distorted during the process of creating the mockup.

Make product relatable

It is important that a website relates to the company’s goals and principles. As they say, a website is really a reflection of the company. It is also important that the website is relatable to people because no one clicks on something they don’t understand. Unless of course that something they don’t understand is just so weird it is actually interesting.

You can use various iMac mockups that tell a story that are also relatable to a bunch of audience. Say you are creating a dating website. It would really help if your mockup features a woman navigating the supposed web page. But it is not just about having a woman there. The woman should also speak the language of being hopeful in finding love through the accessories that surround her. This is when psychology really helps. Perhaps that woman should wear red, because it implies love. Or the woman could have a chocolate on the table where she is trying to navigate her dating life. Chocolate relates to romance.

Finding the right mockup is a process. You can’t just pick out the first mockup you see. There should be a lot of thought put into it because it can make or break your presentation. A mockup can enhance the website design that you so creatively crafted. The presentation is actually part of creating a kickass website. While your creativity will get you a meeting, it could be the appropriate mockup that can help you seal the deal.