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3 Digital Products You Can Showcase on an iPad Mockup

The iPad mockup is one of the best ways to showcase digital products because it showcases mobility amid tech use, which is very important in this digital age.

Technology changes the pace of our life. The death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant is an example of this. Before his family was informed of his and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna’s passing, the world was already informed that Black Mamba has left the earth. It is the perfect example of how technology erases layers. It was definitely a terrible move on the part of TMZ to report the death when Vanessa Bryant hadn’t been informed by authorities that she lost a husband and a daughter. But on the part of the media outlet, they reported it first. While they were heavily criticized for the move, it doesn’t change the fact that millions of people already clicked on their story. That was TMZ’s goal in the first place: To be the first to inform the public. Ethics be damned.

So what does that have to do with digital products and our ability to showcase them to an audience? Everything! Just as TMZ wants to be the first to report, we should also aim to be the first to craft! But unlike TMZ, we don’t have to step on other toes just to make a great presentation. Our goal is for potential clients and investors to back our digital product. But we have to assume that other people may have the same idea as us. So we should be the first to bring the idea to an audience in a bid to get a deal to put that genius in development.

Good thing there are digital mockups that will make your life so much easier. If you want to create a fast digital presentation, go to iPad template list and check out some mockup templates that could elevate your presentation.

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iPad mockup

If you’re looking to really showcase more than just your awesome design idea, you have to use the tablet PSD. When you use this type of mockup, you are trying to tell your audience that you intend to make sure that people will enjoy your digital product wherever they are. They could be en route to work in a cab, train or bus and they could be entertained by their iPad—be it a regular iPad, an iPad Pro, iPad Air or iPad Mini, which is really the best gadget for people who are always on the go. The iPad Mini is just the perfect in-between of your iPhone and MacBook. There are also great deals on the iPad Mini. iPad Airs have the ability to make digital products look very professional because of its large screen and high resolution. But it is still very convenient to carry around.

The iPad, in general, is really meant to give you the best of both worlds: the convenience of the smartphone and the benefits of the laptop. It is not as small as the iPhone where you sometimes have to enlarge texts, but it is also not as bulky as the laptop.

Here are three things you can dutifully showcase on an iPad mockup:

1.    E-books

This is one of the things that could really entertain people while they are just waiting. At least, they don’t have to be waiting in vain because they are doing something productive—they are reading. This means that they are being entertained by stories while they are waiting in line at the grocery checkout. They could literally be learning some stuff if they are reading an educational e-book at a restaurant while waiting for their dining companion. Or they could read anecdotes while commuting to work.

Waiting is definitely a hassle. Nobody wants to wait. But if they are equipped with a good e-book, then perhaps waiting is not that bad.

So if you can find an iPad Pro PSD mockup that shows a person looking at their gadget while on a train, that would very well elevate the presentation of your digital product that revolves around e-books. Whether your product is the actual e-book or the e-book reader, that kind of mockup tells a story of a person being entertained while doing the most mundane thing: commuting to work. Or you can go the simple route of just downloading a vector mockup that will showcase your app.

2.    Mobile games

This is definitely something that will entertain a lot of people. You can use the iPad and iPhones mockup to demonstrate that your digital product looks good on any mobile gadget. This also highlights one of the advantages of owning Apple products. Each Apple device works seamlessly with the other. So in the case of the mobile game you created, it can be navigable in both the iPad and iPhone. In fact, gamers can continue playing while they are already at home on their desktops.

If you want to showcase more than just mobility when you present your product, you can use the devices mockup. This kind of mockup shows a side by side rendering of your digital product in various screens: iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone. Some mockups even use the Apple Watch. It is up to you to use the watch in the mockup if you think it is relevant. The devices mockup tells your audience that your digital product is versatile.

3.    Courses

This is definitely a productive way to pass the time. People can make their lull time productive with e-learning. So if your digital product is an e-course, chances are it would be too wordy. So in order to make the presentation more exciting, you can find a free PSD mockup that uses story-telling accessories to make the digital product more relatable. For example, your e-course is a module that will help you pass an online test. Your free iPad mockup could be of a person reading on an iPad with a nearby coffee mug. The coffee and the course on the iPad will tell the audience that the person on the free PSD mockup is indeed studying. To use this kind of mockup, just download the PSD file and drag and drop a page from your e-course on to the screen of the iPad.

If you are showcasing an e-course on cooking, then that becomes more exciting because the application could be photo-based. This means that you don’t really need accessories to enhance your presentation because the photos will speak for themselves. The perspective mockup will also work in this case where you can put up pages of recipes and instructions along with photos of the yummy concoctions.