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Making Professional Designs via MacBook Mockup

When making professional designs to present to a professional audience, the tool matters. With MacBook mockup, you are sure to present a creative demonstration.

MacBook is definitely one of the best laptops in the world. In fact, many would argue that it is the best kind of laptop. The first thing you have to consider is what you can immediately see: the physical makeup of the MacBook. It is both professional-looking and glamorous. It is perfect for personal and professional use.

But the physical aspect is not the reason why people tend to spend so much more for a MacBook when a personal computer, which is bigger and probably with more power in it, costs so much less. Some people are willing to pay more because there are also more benefits.

The most important reason why people intend to pay more for a MacBook is the experience of working on an Apple device. Yes, there is prestige in working with an Apple product, but unless you are really loaded, you can’t pay premium just because of prestige. You pay more because of the experience. Top-notch experience is exactly what you will get with a MacBook. The macOS is just super pristine and refined. It is also very easy to learn because Apple products are very user-friendly. Learning a complicated machine will test your patience. So if you don’t have much patience, then the MacBook is definitely the best product for you.

MacBook mockup

User experience is important when it comes to computers. The UX is usually something that is used in the functionality of a website or mobile application, but there is also user experience in a computer. The MacBook experience is just satisfactory because of its stability and its maneuverability.

So when you use the MacBook as a tool to showcase your professional product, then there is a certain aesthetic credibility to it. It psychologically tells the audience that your output is professional and glamorous, just like the creative tool you used.

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Now what it is a MacBook mockup?

A mockup is a visual presentation of the closest thing to an actual output you can present. So if you are designing a website for a client, you want to be able to demonstrate it to them. However, creating the actual website design is going to be expensive, not to mention really tricky and complicated. You want to be able to convince a client that you have the best design for them so that they will “purchase” your design and then you will be able to make it with their financial backing and other resources.

First, you need to wow them. And you can definitely wow them with the best MacBook Pro mockup, for a website that is aimed at a more corporate setting. Or you can also use iMac mockups for web designs that are meant for office settings. These work for both the corporate office and home office. The MacBook Air mockup might be best for websites that are more professional in nature.

Creating the mockup

The great thing about thinking about using a PSD mockup is that the internet has so many free MacBook mockups to choose from. Laptop mockup listing at UX Planet is one of those digital stores with a bunch of mockups in PSD and Sketch that are very professional in nature.

The mockup is very easy to create. First, you just need to download Photoshop and Sketch so you can work on your mockup from those pages. Then you download the mockup template of your choice. There are so many templates to choose from and it is crucial that you choose the right one. Having the right kind of mockup can make or break your presentation; so be smart about it. You can’t just choose the first one that pops on your screen.

When you have the PhotoShop and Sketch applications, that means you should download the PSD file of the mockup template. From then on, it is just a work in the park. All you need to do is drag your design to the screen of the MacBook in the mockup. If you want to do some editing, then the PSD file will work to your advantage. The file comes with smart layers, which means that the editing you will do will be reflected on each of the layer. This will help you preserve the image and not have a pixelized version when the output is on its final rendering.

Why it works best

Other advantages to working with the MacBook PSD include benefits that apply to the entire Apple lineup of products. One such benefit is high resolution. It cannot be denied that Apple’s image display has a top-notch standard that involves great image size and resolution. There is also the fact that Apple products work seamlessly with each other. If you have an iPhone, then you can work on something there while you are mobile. When you have already settled down, then you can take out your MacBook and continue working on that project in a much bigger screen. Then when you are in the office, work continues with the reliable Apple desktop, the Mac.

In fact, if you want to showcase this kind of advantage during your presentation for your creative project, you can feature your design in a devices mockup. In this kind of mockup, almost all kinds of Apple products are shown in one tableau. This is also important in indicating that your design will look good no matter what device is being used. Showcasing design projects is not just about the actual design, it is also about practicality. Your creativity will have much more impact when it is practical to use. Showing that your design works on any kind of Apple device is a way of presenting the practical aspect of your project.

There are some cases when a flat design works for your project. This is usually the case when your project is heavy with images. You don’t want to burden the entire design with stylistic elements that could distort the focus on the images that are important to the project. When your website design relies too much on products and their images, then you have to make sure that the quality of these products speaks for itself. You have to make sure that you have powerful images in the project rather than drop shadows or visual depths.

Here is an even more interesting note on why this is the time to optimize the MacBook mockup in professional presentations: Apple is expected to release its latest MacBook Pro model with some changes.


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