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5 Android Mockup Designs for Various Objectives

If you are looking to present your website design or mobile application design, a branding campaign or social media plan, then check out these Android mockups.

The digital era really makes things easier for people especially with things that have something to do with technology. One such thing is digital presentations. If you want to offer a digital product to clients, investors or just to an audience, you want to package it in a professional and creative way.

One of the best tools to use in presenting your digital product is the mockup. It is a visual presentation that is representative of what the actual product would look like when it is done. Of course, the actual product would need funds, time and effort in order to be professionally produced. While those are not yet available, you try to get people to commit to its production by enticing them to back up your concept. This is when the mockup comes in handy.

There are so many PSD mockups available online. Choosing the right one entails a lot of thinking because you want to be able to give the most appropriate mockup to acquire the most appropriate response. A mockup helps you create a narrative so your audience can better understand the product that you are presenting. To know more about the benefits of the mockup, here is an informative android phone psd digest at UX Planet.

Android mockup

The Android mock up is one of the most creative ways to present your digital product. This is basically a digital representation of what the actual product will look like on Android mobile devices. Why the Android? Android is the most widely used operating system in the world. Apple products seem like the more popular choice, but Android devices are actually more popular around the globe. Although, maybe Apple and Android shouldn’t really be compared to each other because while one is a brand, the other is an operating system used by different brands. Apple has its own operating system known as the iOS. The mobile brands using the Android OS are Google, HTC, Huawei, LG Electronics, Meizu, Motorola Mobility, Nexbit, Nokia, OnePlus, Panasonic, Samsung Electronics, Sony Ericsson, Sony Mobile and Xiaomi.

There are many Android mockups online, and they are very easy to use. You only need to download them either in PSD file or Sketch formats. Choose an option that allows you to work with Smart Object so that your output would be top-notch. There are many free mockups if you don’t want to spend money on the acquisition of presentation tool. However, there are also advantages to mockups that you have to pay for because they are usually more presentation ready with transitions and more complex gradients and styles.

But of course, it really depends on the overall presentation. There are Android mockups that are more appropriate for specific presentations. Here are some of them:

1.     Samsung mockups for Android apps

Samsung is one of the more popular Android mobile devices, so it is definitely the perfect technology to banner your mobile application design. As a popular brand, both in the low-end and premium markets, Samsung will put a good spin to your mobile application design. By showing a popular mobile phone brand, you are essentially giving your audience a picture of a large mass of people using the app on their phones.

Samsung Galaxy is one of the best high-end phones in the market. It could rival the demand for the iPhones. So using the Samsung Galaxy phone as backdrop to your application design will elevate your creativity. It becomes more than just a concept; it is an actual product that people can go behind and support. Samsung Galaxy also has the right specs that can support mobile applications.

2.     Google Pixel 3 mockup for mobile website

Every business needs a website. But with changes in the mobile digital era, it is important that websites are also accessible through mobile phones. While all websites can be accessed through the mobile phone, old websites can look a bit distorted in mobile devices. So by using the Google Pixel 3 in your presentation, you are essentially convincing the audience that your website design is sized appropriate for the mobile gadget. And despite the smallness of the phone, it is essential that the web page is still clear and easy to navigate.

3.    HTC One A9 mockup for service app

The HTC One A9 is an older Android model. If you are trying to design a service application like food delivery and the likes, you want to convey that however new your design is, it is still compatible with older gadgets. There are times when you want to be inclusive in your design and you want to convey that in the presentation.

4.     Samsung mockup clay for e-commerce

Clay mockups are minimalist in structure. This is actually great for e-commerce mobile sites because these are kind of reliant on images. E-commerce means you will need a lot of photos of the products. In that case, you don’t want styles to mar the icons for your images. The online product displays should speak for themselves.

When you do an e-commerce site presentation, you have to spend more time making sure that you have the right photos and each photo shows off the best qualities of the products. You also have to be careful that you don’t misrepresent in your photos. As you spend more time crafting the images to display on the web pages, a mockup that will not compete with such heavy load is necessary.

5.     Android tablet for e-books

Do people still buy books? E-books are just so convenient that it is really no longer necessary to shop at bookstores. A book also takes up a lot of space in your bag or even in your house. An e-book, on the other hand, doesn’t take up space at all. And you also have to consider that the place where you store your e-book is the same space where you store hundreds of photographs, where you have your e-mails and where you keep your digital products. Plus, that same space has many important applications. So when you really think about it, your tablet is equivalent to probably an entire room of a house.

If you are designing an e-book, then it is essential that you show off your design through a tablet. While e-books are accessible via mobile phones, showing it on an Android tablet would seem like they are holding an actual book but slimmer. An Android tablet is just the right size for a novel or whatever e-book you are trying to showcase.


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