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Apple Watch Mockup: What Else Can You Create?

The Apple Watch may be small but it is very powerful. So what other applications can you create for the device? Let the Apple Watch mockup showcase your craft.

A decade ago, no one thought that your watch would be able to track your fitness much less accept calls. But that is exactly the trend now. Now, it seems like time is the last thing you check on the Apple Watch. Okay, that may not be true, but in the grand scheme of things, it just seems like time is the least important benefit you get from the watch. There was a time when the watch was just for telling time.

The Apple Watch is probably the smallest computer in the world. You can read e-mails on it, receive calls, play games, check your health, help you with your fitness regimen—those are more benefits than the regular computer, right? But now that you know that this small gadget could do a lot, it may be time for you to stretch that imagine and create more applications for this wearable device. The Apple Watch is definitely among the most versatile mobile devices.

Apple Watch mockup

When you do create an exciting application that could fit the mobility of the Apple Watch, then you should package it in a mockup so you can start presenting your ideas to possible investors or marketers. Watch mock up at UX Planet has a great lineup of mockups that you can use for your professional presentation.

Of course, the Apple Watch template is the way to really show off your digital product design. This way, you can showcase how your application will look like on the actual product. That is the importance of using iOS mockups, it allows you, the designer, to see what is wrong with the digital product—if any—the moment the mockup is done. When that happens, you can immediately make the adjustments.

On the part of your audience, whether they are potential clients or the marketers of your digital product, they can see the output in the actual screen. This will allow them the practical opportunity to make comments with actual basis rather than just make remarks according to what they see in their heads. The PSD mockups are also great at painting a picture. This way, when the audience goes home, they have your digital product imprinted in their heads. If the product looks so good on the mockup, then how can they get rid of the pretty picture? The best thing they can do next is to call for the development of the iOS apps you have just presented.

Creating the mockup

The internet is teeming with free mockups. Just because they are free doesn’t mean they are terrible. You just have to download the PSD file from a reputable website so you can create the best mockup that you can. You want the mockup to be clean and professional while also helping you tell the right story for the app that you are creating. There are also Sketch formats that are just as good. A lot of the Apple mockups are available in Photoshop and Sketch formats. Choose the mockup with the Smart Object, which is necessary if you want to preserve the original look of the images that you want to use. You don’t want your images to be pixelized.

Now that you have downloaded the mockup template of choice, find the right screenshot of your digital product that you can drag and drop to the screen of the Apple Watch screen. Make sure that you use the screenshot that will really show off your product. You want the image that screams: Buy me! Check out the final mockup and make sure it is ready face an audience.

Finding the right mockup

The mockup can tell a story. So make sure you choose the appropriate mockup that will allow you to enrich your professional presentation. For example, there is this Apple Watch mockup (5th generation) that showcases three Apple Watches in different colors: green, pink and blue. The background is yellow. In other words, the mockup is really colorful. This invokes a fun theme. So maybe this is a mockup more fitting for games. Or you can use the varied colors to showcase the diversity in the Apple Watch users. In essence, you are also saying that your application is for a diverse range of people.

There is another Apple Watch mockup with realistic material. The mockup has 10 different Apple Watches. When you use this kind of mockup, make sure that your killer application advantage is not in the details. The fact that 10 watches are placed in one mockup means that the screens of the Apple Watch are really small. This could be a good mockup for your fitness application. Each screen could showcase a different screenshot of your app. So maybe one screen will show time, the other will show the heartbeat monitor, while another show the pulse monitor. Another screen could be the step counter, and so on and so forth. This type of mockup showcases versatility of your app.

Then there is also a mockup that shows just one Apple Watch, which means that the screen is large. This is important if there are details in your app that you want people to really see.

Devices mockup

The Apple Watch can also be an accessory in many Apple mockups that put Apple devices side by side with each other. This kind of mockup is great at showcasing the differences of the app appearance in different screens. If you create a digital product that can be used in different devices, then you better make sure that your output looks just as great in the Apple Watch and the iMac. There will always be differences because of the screen size, but what you are showcasing here is that size doesn’t matter.

The Apple Watch is fantastic! So it is not surprising that many people own it. There is even a clamor to create a Pro version of this wearable device. Apple enthusiasts noticed that all Apple devices except for the Apple Watch have a Pro version: from the iMac to the MacBook, iPad and iPhone. Why should the Apple Watch be treated differently? The Pro is the most high-end of every Apple line. Professional implies that there are more technological features that would benefit many tech professionals. Perhaps Apple didn’t find it necessary because every update of the Watch carries additional features and improved uses. Unlike the iPhone, the Apple Watch doesn’t update every year. This means that there is always enough time to stew on ideas that will make the product better.


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