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App Store Screenshots: Tips You Need to Know

There are tips you should know on how to rank your listing through App store screenshots and videos.

Apple Store and Google Play are the duopoly in the mobile app industry. Due to the popularity of mobile marketing, the use of apps for business has become popular. Not just a simple app. You need to make sure that your mobile application has cool functions for the users. This is how you’re going to capture the loyalty of the end-users.

If you want to succeed in the mobile app industry, you have to answers two important questions:

  • What triggers the users to decide to choose your mobile app?
  • How to have a sustaining mobile app popularity?

App store screenshots should be created in a world-class way. Why? This is important in making sure that the uploaded mobile app listing can make your business soar high.

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Understanding the Value of App Store Screenshots

Usually, the users are searching for something to solve their problems. In the same way, the mobile users expect that the mobile app they are going to download can address their life issues. That is why they always explore by using their mobile device to find a specific mobile app that is valuable for them.

Two of the most important elements for a mobile app to become popular, according to UX Planet, is how to create app screenshots. The combination of these can surely make your business a sure hit. But there are certain rules that you have to follow. Otherwise, your Android and iOS screenshots will fail.

Strategies to Enhance ASO Ranking

There are some strategies that you have to do in order to achieve a high ranking of your listing in the app stores.

  On Screenshots Graphics and Video Display   Portraits

By doing this, you are allowing the users to have an idea about your app’s appearance and its usefulness. The expectation of the users is given an utmost importance in this regard. And this is a great tactic to convince them that you’re providing the best solution for them.


Landscaping is another great technique. You can do this in order to present a call-to-action that will give more benefits for the mobile app users. The call-to-action should be in readable and large fonts.

  Search Results Pages

There are different sizes for app store screenshots. Whether the screenshots are for iOS or Android users, the main consideration should be directed towards increasing the ranking in the search results pages.

  Requirements for Apple App Store Screenshots


The maximum allowable number of app store template screenshots is 10. An App Preview video can also be added to the number of uploaded screenshots. This way can increase the ranking of your mobile app in the search results. Hiring a professional to help you in this aspect is recommended. Take note that it is not easy to create screenshots graphics by yourself. The images must be in JPEG or PNG format.

Requirements for an Apple App Store Videos

The length of a video should range from 15 to 30 seconds long. The formats can be in MP4, MOV, or M4V. Another thing is that Apple is requiring videos to manifest the app's gameplay and UI/UX features. If you won’t do this, you can expect that the app store will reject your listing. And it is important for you to know that both landscape and portrait videos are accepted. A maximum of 3 videos are allowed in the app store for every single mobile app.

Requirements for Google Play Screenshots

By the way, there are no specific details as to the Google Play screenshots. But there are recommended sizes for Android app listing screenshots. To create screenshots should follow the required sizes. Clearly, you have to know that the Google Play screenshots should purposely be created for these devices:

  • Android Smartphones
  • 7-inch tablets
  • 10-inch tablets
  • Wear OS
  • Android TVs
Requirements for Google Play Videos

Unlike the App store, Google Play only allows one video per mobile app listing. The location of the video should before the Google Play app screenshots. The viewing style should be in a landscape format. But the good news is that in Google Play, it is allowed for the designers to include promotional materials. Like the App Store, the length of a video should be from 15 to 30 seconds.

  4 Effective Ways to Improve App Listing Performance Two portrait screenshots should be matched up.

If you’re going to match up the two portrait screenshots, the app interface will be enhanced. There can be clearer details and the texts will be easy to read. Don’t divide the portrait screenshots because it can cause difficulty in reading the texts. If the texts of your mobile app is easy to read, then the click-through rate (CTR) will dramatically increase.

Screenshots in both dark and light modes should be tested.

The App Store has already released its dark mode feature recently. This reality has opened the opportunity for developers to test the performance through split testing. You have to consider that if you have a top-notch graphics, it does not look great through the Dark Mode feature. So you have to do split testing to make sure that the screenshots will appear great before the app is finally listed.

  Both portrait screenshots and landscape videos must be combined. 

It is important to combine a landscape video and portrait screenshots to ensure that the listing performance is high. When it is high, it translates to a high listing ranking so the visibility of your app through certain keywords is high, too.

However, it is significant to note that in Google Play, combining the two will appear differently. The video should be presented in a landscape format and must be placed before the Google app screenshots.

Don’t sell the app features, but provide happiness to the users.

This is the most important principle that you should know. In ranking your app store screenshots, don’t sell your app features. Most people don’t want marketers to sell something to them directly. Rather, they want to know the benefits of every product first. Therefore, provide the users with reasons why they have to download and use your app. By this way, you’re selling happiness, not features.

Meanwhile, a mobile app localization is also a great thing to make your business flourish. Here’s a guide for you to know more details on how to localize a mobile app.

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