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Webflow Designers And Agencies: What You Need To Know

The trend in website design is the no-code web creation through a seven-year-old system. This is why Webflow designers and agencies are now in demand.

Seven years ago, a new system was created in order to make the lives of website designers easier. This will also give designers, who don’t have development instincts, a chance to create websites. The system is called Webflow.

Inexperienced website designers or developers will have a chance of creating competitive websites. More importantly, they will have the opportunity to build efficient websites that could help businesses make a conversion.

Webflow designers and agencies

Webflow is a website design tool that does more than just website building. It is an all-in-one platform that allows the development of visually responsive websites. It was launched in 2013. This tool makes it easy for freelance designers and developers to create competitive websites even if they don’t have the engineering backing. The creation of the website through Webflow is easier because you don’t need coding to accomplish a responsive page.

Webflow designers are those who have the expertise to manage the Webflow process. The system is easy, flexible and well-performing. TMDesign has a lineup of webflow designer agencies that have amazing marketing website projects. Some of them use Webflow in their designs.

What is a Webflow Designer?

There is a Webflow designer and there is a Webflow Designer. Notice the difference? The latter is a proper noun referring to an interface similar to Photoshop. While web designing is still about creativity, at least Webflow makes the process easier. Webflow Designer basically generates the semantic markup through a drag-and-drop process. The designer drags the HTML elements of the web design onto a canvas and drops them there.

This part of Webflow is actually kind of complex. So there will be difficulty at first. A Webflow designer—with the second word being a common noun—would need time to learn a system. There will be a learning curve. But once Webflow developers and designers have surpassed the learning curve, everything will come in easy after that.

As soon as they become Webflow experts, they can truly make a website very attractive.

What makes a website attractive?

A great website tells a story. Let’s take Google, for example. It is probably a website with the most simple user interface but is the most-visited website in the world. No matter how simple it is; it continues to tell a story. In fact, it tries to tell a different story every few days. You think you can only go to Google to learn about something specific. But when you click on the main image above the search box, there is a story there.

Google also tries to stay relevant. About Google’s story, there is a different one every few days and it all depends on the day. If it is Valentine’s Day, there is a video about love on Google. Different countries also have different stories. If the country is celebrating Independence Day, then the story is curated to the nation.

Google is on top because it is pleasant to look at and easy to use. The user interface and user experience of Google are top-notch. Not that you have to really follow Google’s website because you can’t—to each their own. But you can at least follow Google’s principles of telling a story.

With the new system, Webflow designers and agencies will have an easy time telling a story.

Tips for the Webflow agency or Webflow developer

Webflow designers and agencies should identify the goal of the company in order to create the best website. The first step would have to be identifying the goal of the business. It is easy to say that you want the business to prosper and you want to earn money from it. However, there has to be a more in-depth goal than that.

Say you are creating a website for a shoe company. Surely the goal is not just about selling the most number of shoes in a given time period. Instead, the goal is to provide the best-looking shoes to make clients feel better about their feet and about themselves.

Again, this goes back to telling a story. Serving is always a better story than selling. And a great story always sells.

When you know the goal of the business, it is also easier to talk to the target audience. This way, the message will be more personal. Going back to the shoe company and its website, you should be able to talk about shoes in a language that the audience will understand. That language will include comfort, because everybody wants comfortable shoes. You should also talk about great design, which is very important when it comes to shoes.


This is a very important aspect of the website. There are several important elements to a great content for the website:

1. Informative

2. Descriptive

3. Convincing

It is a given that your website should contain general information about the business. If you notice, most websites have an About Us page where the content talks about the business—how it started and why it started. This is important because this is the page where clients can get to know the business more. It will allow customers and potential clients to get to know the company. It will help them relate to the company better. Who knows? After being able to relate to the business, it may prod some people to become customers.

Other pieces of information in the website include press releases about the company or products and services. There are also blogs regarding the company as well as the products and services.

Speaking of products and services, descriptions are also important on the website. You need product and service descriptions—they should be brief but also powerful. The content writer should be able to pack a lot of information with very few words. You want to put the most important elements in the product description, but you need to keep it brief. People get bored easily with too many words.

Of course, despite only using a few words, you want to be convincing.


Photos are always powerful and are very important. They are great at attracting web users to your website. Attraction is of course the first step for people to visit the website. Good Webflow designers and agencies know which images to use so that not only will people be attracted to the website, they will also enjoy visiting it and eventually buy something from the website.

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