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How to Transform your Idea into a Mobile App

Are you and entrepreneur and you want to transform revolutionary idea into a mobile app? This post will show you how to transform your idea into a mobile app

The smartphone user base grows every day and with it, the economic sector linked to mobile technology, such as applications. Some experts of mobile app company estimate that the sale of a mobile app will mean more than five billion euros worldwide in the next three years, which is why more and more entrepreneurs and companies see the world of apps as a potential business.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who has a revolutionary idea, today we want to explain how to transform it into a mobile app.

The first thing you have to do to know if your idea will work as a mobile application and generate income is to identify the need of the market that you are going to cover. The critical question you must answer is: Why do we need your application?

At this point, you don't need to worry about the specific elements of the application, such as minor design details. Still, you should be very focused on how useful the app is for the market. And it is that for a user to download your application, open it and integrate it into their daily routine, you must give them something and that something must have value for the user, basic functionality.

The App Should Offer Something Different and Useful

This is an idea that app developers experts reiterate over and over to clients. It may happen that as a business, you already have a stagnant app, precisely because it does not have an essential utility for your customers. In these cases, if you want to keep your app on the download platforms, app development company can also help you discover some exclusive functionality that can help you reactivate it.

If during the search for that niche in which your idea can fit, you find that there is already another application that covers the same need, do not be discouraged. Or maybe center around thinking about what will separate your application from that of your rivals while as yet focusing on the crowd that your opposition has indicated exists. Take advantage of the fact that other people have done the work of analyzing the problem and the market before and take advantage of their work to improve their offer. Gain from their victories and disappointments to adjust your application dependent on their discoveries.

Find an Initial Solution

Once you have clearly defined the need that your application will try to fill, it is time to start formulating how to do it. It will only be an initial draft, a conjecture that you will make based on that market research you did previously.

Once you have that initial draft, it's time to go to the experts. We recommend that you contact app development company or app development agency, where there are experts in the area who will help you develop an ideal first solution for your application. If you can afford it, working with an application development agency will give you the expertise and knowledge of the experts.

Now that you have a clear idea of ​​the problem and the solution you intend to offer; it is time to build the first version of your application and launch it to the market quickly. It is essential at this point to develop and launch a minimally, viable, high-quality product. Keep in mind that with more than two million apps available on the Apple App Store alone, and a million more on Google Play, competition is high and low-quality apps with poor user experience will be unsuccessful.

To build this first version of the app, it is necessary to define a basic set of specifications, the design of the structure and the user experience, in addition to the description of the technology required for the project.

After you have all this clear, it will be time to code. You can do this yourself, if you have the necessary knowledge, you can also create your own team, or you can hire an agency. We recommend the third, because, as we have already said, due to their experience, an agency will offer you a high-quality application in a short period of time.

IOS or Android?

Just when it is time to encrypt, you must decide where you are going to launch the app or, instead, for which operating systems you want your application to be available: iOS or Android. Each of these platforms brings additional challenges because if it is a native application, that is, it is developed exclusively for iOS or Android (which is always the best option), the code for the mobile app must meet precise specifications. Later we will explain in blog what are the benefits of publishing an app in the Apple App Store or in the Google Play Store, so stay connected.

Once the app is developed, it is time for the first tests before launch. It is what is called the Beta version.

As app development agency, they test the application by all team members, doing a detailed audit of the content and the operation of the user experience. As a general rule, sharing the beta version with you so that you can test it and be sure that it is what You had in mind or follow the specifications agreed with us.

This testing stage continues even during the first weeks after the launch of the application because the same users who download it will be able to see its positive characteristics and its limitations. From this point on, the app evolves thanks to user reviews and contributions from the market itself.

In this sense, you should understand your application as something alive, which will need updates that improve its features and that, if possible, offer more and more to users.

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