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Web Design Interview Questions: General Questions To Expect

If you’re applying for a web designer position, you need to be ready for the web design interview questions. There are general questions you can expect.

To land a job in web designing, you need to be ready with the questions to be asked by the company representatives. It’s the human resource department to handle the job interview. Knowing the most common web design questions is essential for you to successfully land the applied job. There can be an unusual approach by the interviewer which you can encounter. However, there are general web design interview questions that you need to know here in this blog post for you to be ready. Equipping your mind is vital to achieve massive growth and success. The web designer interview questions for experienced web designing are needed to be answered clearly. This is your passport to getting the job you really wanted to have.

There is always a possibility to have an interview question for a web designer that requires your ingenuity and cleverness. That is why determining some general web designing questions plays a crucial role for success. Giving you some advice on how you answer those questions is also a must. By this way, you will be guided well. Be reminded that your success depends on how you’re going to brilliantly and properly answer the questions to be thrown at you.

General web design interview questions

Can you please describe yourself as a web designer? 

Usually, this is the first question to be asked. This question requires clarity because it establishes the great initial point as you go along the way. This is how you’re going to build a strong level of impressiveness. The point is that you will be given the opportunity to impress the interviewer by telling him or her about the good characters, traits and values that you have. Emotional quotient is more important than intelligence quotient. So, it is a must to tell the company to hire you about yourself. Everything related to yourself which you think is vital as you render the needed services should be explained.

Take note of this. The objective of the job interview is to gauge if you’re qualified for the job or not. Your qualification of course depends on the skill sets and values that you have. Both EQ and IQ should work together. This is due to this fact why you’re encouraged to tell the interviewer what you’ve really got and who you really are as a person. By doing this, you’re giving the company a great chance to understand what adjustments are needed to be done if ever you will be hired. Hiring you can be so crucial for their success. You need to explain how your personal traits can affect and impact the growth of their company.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This is another great question. Most probably, it will be asked by the interviewer. To ask about your strengths and weaknesses is to determine and evaluate your capacity. You must be able to explain how your strong and weak points are molded through times. Your past experiences will play a vital function for the clarity of the answer to this particular question. Therefore, practice yourself to answer this query. It will really be asked and you have to provide credible answers. Particularly the weaknesses that you have, you should clarify to the interviewer. And tell the interviewer that you’re striving hard to improve your weak points as a web designer and as a worker in general sense.

The submitted job application documents may contain already the strong points that you possess. But most of the time, job interviewers ask this. The very reason is for you to explain your strong points and how they can impact your decision-making process with regards to your job and tasks. Being a web designer, there are a lot of things which require your attention. There can be issues to arise. So, you must show to them that you’re a great problem solver. This is very essential as far as hitting the desired job or position is concerned. Don’t let yourself fail in this aspect. When you’re able to nail this question, chances are, your application can have the edge.

Why should we hire you as a web designer? 

This is a tricky question, so to speak. It requires proper understanding of the unique attributes that you possess as a web design expert. Of course, the company to hire you is expecting something valuable from you. When you get hired, you should be doing things which can contribute for great success. This is imperative. The interviewer may not know you as a person. Your personal characters must prevail with a good standing. You have to clarify that when you’re hired, good things are expected to happen. You will become an instrument of progress and prosperity.

The point of this question is quite simple. Provide a convincing reasoning as to why the interviewer and the HR department of the company must consider your application than others. You have such unique skill sets which others don’t have. You have the edge over them. That is why the company should choose you as their new web designer and developer. Give them valuable and concrete facts. This is an essential step for the attainment of their goals and objectives. They are asking this question because they want to be aware of the direction they will follow with your guidance as the web designer.

Why do you really want to take this job offer?

The company will definitely ask this to draw the line. Asking this question is like seeking the truth. They want to look at how you really love the job offer. Is it only because of the money? Or, are you applying because you’re passionate as a web designer? Love for money and passion for work are two different things. The former may just cause trouble along the way because when you’re bored, there is a tendency that you might just neglect and abandon your job. The latter, on the other hand, is like a driving force of your desire. You badly need the job because you’re passionate about it.

There are short-term and long-term perspectives that the company wants to determine. You have to show to the interviewer that it is your intense desire to apply for the job because you want to contribute great things based on your possessed and learned skill sets. As a passionate web designer, you are willing to undergo trials and challenges. You’re ready to face them. No matter what, your eagerness molds and enhances further your passion. These are the points that the company wants to know from you; that is why they may be asking this question.

Can you tell us about your great work experiences in the past?

The interviewers may already have the copy of your portfolio in their hands. On that portfolio are the work-related facts and information. The companies you worked with and the employers who had the experience with you in the past as their web designer are known to them already. Perhaps, the interviewer has some related info and details about your portfolio. For confirmation purposes, they may ask you this question. All you need to do is to let them know about the past projects that you have. They should be related to web designing. The websites you designed and their impacts on the businesses being served. This is very crucial to strengthen the level of impression.

As well, it is advised that you cite the level of professional services that you have already offered to your previous employers. The great achievements that you have as a web designer must be unveiled. Doing it can let your job application have the edge over others. Take note that there is always a tight competition as far as applying for a job is concerned. Thus, you have to be very certain in giving an impressive answer with concrete facts. Asking about your past experiences is digging the reality whether you’re qualified or not. If you have some bad work-related records in the past, then it can be unfavorable to your present job application. Hence, it is necessary that you can have a great list of past work experiences.


The given web design interview questions are most probable to come out. Don’t let your application fail by not answering the cited questions well. To be ready is the main key here. You should practice yourself days before the job interview schedule on how you’re going to answer the mentioned questions. Practice makes perfect. And such perfection is the ultimate key for you to have a highly competitive job interview rating. Above all, train yourself on how to be calm. When you’re not calm, it will lead to stress and pressure. Answer the questions with courage and determination. Impress the interviewer because this is the ultimate way to hit the desired goal which is to land the applied job.

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