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UX Design Agency San Francisco: Things You Need to Know about UX Designs

According to UX Design Agency San Francisco, there are things you have to know about UI and UX designs.

Creating a web or app design is like having a journey in a complex pathway. It can’t happen instantly as it takes a tedious process. The things can even get more complicated along the way. That is why if you are a business owner, you should understand the important things that are associated with UX designing. This is to ease the possible struggles that you may encounter.

UX Design Agency San Francisco Elaborates the Essence of User Experience

User experience is the main basis today when we say success and growth of every business. It means to say that every business must see to it that the customers are happy with the offered products or services. Otherwise, success can hardly be achieved. Or, it may not last longer.

A UX design should be done intelligently as it is a parameter that can shape the offered products or services. It can make or break a business. Because of its importance, it is vital that you hire an expert in creating a world-class UX design for mobile apps and enterprise software. According to UX design agency San Francisco, the designing tasks can be challenging and they require a holistic skillset. You have to learn a plethora of strategies in order to succeed in business through the mobile app or website design.

In this article, you will be able to know some of the most important things about digital product design and UX design agency.

1.    UX and UI are different from each other. 

UX represents User Experience while UI implies User Interface. There are people who may say that they are very much alike, but the truth of the matter is they’re absolutely not! It is important to know the distinguishing characteristics between the two. And just to make a clearer elaboration here, User Interface can be part User Experience. In other words, the UI design can be a stepping stone as far as providing great user satisfaction and experience is concerned.

2.    You should know the things connected to your target audiences. 

It can be a puzzling matter to determine who the audiences that should be targeted are. Absolutely, the target audiences are dissimilar from the entrepreneurs, designers, and innovators. The assumption that in creating a great UI/UX design, the designers must only base their output on themselves is wrong.

Try to imagine the false-consensus effect. It means to some extent that when your design is not based on your customers’ multi-faceted cultural behavior, then it can’t meet their requirements and expectations. As it happens, creating products or offering services can’t satisfy the needs of the potential customers. Clearly speaking, the audiences may have backgrounds, mental models, mindsets, and goals largely different from yours.

3.    UX designing should be considered as a mindset process.  

Designing for a wonderful user experience is not a step in the procedure, rather is it a mindset. When you think it as a procedural thing to accomplish, you may set a deadline to hit the target or goal. The irony is you can hardly meet the deadline. Treat a UX design instead as a mindset. Once it belongs to this aspect of your life, you can definitely address the issues that affect the users of your website or app. The problems can be a continuing reality. Thus, it is best for you to consider UX design as part of your mindset. By this way, you can design and develop your products that serve as one of the people’s choices to address their issues.

4. All web pages should have a speedy performance.

Interaction design agency, as known as Ramotion, a company with top-notch UI and UX designers, said that in designing the business web pages, such pages should be accessible in just a matter of 3 clicks. Yes, you read it right – 3 clicks. It simply means that the speed performance of your website or even your app should be high.

Then, don’t forget to structure your website in a user-friendly manner. The most important pages should be placed in the most visible and easily clicked inner pages. For instance, your “About Us” button should be next to the Homepage. It is vital so that those who are interested in checking your company history right away can easily check the relevant page, which can be the About Us or Company page. By doing so, you are creating value for your company.

5.    Think UI as a joke so you don’t have to further explain it to your customers. 

Having a UX design is not about explaining it to the visitors of your website. Remember that a design is a visual aspect. So it is much on visualizing not on giving words. The best example is when you give a joke and the listeners don’t laugh, you have to explain the essence of the joke. Consequently, the essence of the joke is not met by the listeners as the funny side is lost. It is not good to explain things about the web or mobile app design. And the web and mobile solution providers should know the importance of this principle.

6.    Make a web or mobile app design so catchy – it must attack the attention of the audience in a short period of time. 

The span of time given to pay attention to a particular design really matters a lot. One good strategy is not to overwhelm the website or application with so much unnecessary information. According to this article, Microsoft way back in 2015 had this study revealing the average attention span of human beings on this planet. Such study claimed that there is a decrease of the attention span from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Reflecting this matter to the design of the digital products, it is important to attract the audiences in a short period of time.

7.    Egoistic tendencies should not dominate you; otherwise, your business may not be doing well. 

In creating a design to provide better user experience, you have to honor the opinion of other people. Strong opinions are necessary as they can drive you to the highest level of success. Stop being egoistic, or the tendency that you may think your ideas are the only superior and therefore must be followed. This is applicable to user experience designs because it is important to be collaborative.

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